The Murder of Brisenia Flores Read about the tragic events that led to the murder of the innocent child whose death inspired the site you are now reading.

Mother shot intruder; funeral set for girl, dad This article gives some details about Brisenia, how she liked to play with her older sister, the earrings she made for her mother on Mother's day, and how her classmates mourned her loss. It was written before full details of the tragedy were known.

Media Blackout of Minutemen Extremists Neither CNN, nor the New York Times seems to have covered the murder of Brisenia Flores. Are you surprised?

Trouble finds Shawna Forde Just a bit more than a month before Shawna Forde and her associates Murdered Brisenia Flores, Forde was being investigated for another crime at her own home. The Everett Washington Herald ran a detailed investigative report on Forde's background, her criminal record and her troubled childhood.

Shawna Forde, FAIR spokesperson? A YouTube video of a television debate in which Shawna Forde is introducted as the spokesperson for FAIR.

When Hatred Claims The Lives Of Innocents - A sad lesson of history is that childhood provides no shield against hatred.

Get to know the people and organizations that spread hatred, fear and lies about immigrants and Americans of hispanic origin.

SPLC Intelligence Report Read the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report feature on nativist extremists in the United States.

Detained immigrant children face legal maze in U.S. Foreign children who enter the U.S. illegally in search of their parents face tremendous obstacles along the way.

How to Waste Money and Ruin the Census A New York Times editorial argues that attempts by two Republican Senators to exclude undocumented immigrants from 2010 census counts is both unconstitutional and a waste of taxpayer money.

Undocumented patients wary of offers to return to home countries An undocumented Mexican immigrant who has lived, worked and paid taxes in the U.S. for 29 years (since he was 14) faces the prospect of an early death as new immigration enforcement rules deny him the kideny dialysis treatments he needs to survive.

Broken in U.S.A. A crackdown that forces 1,800 taxpaying would-be Americans into joblessness in a dismal economy is a law-enforcement victory only in the bitterest, narrowest sense. (NY Times editorial)

Immigrant population dipped last year, Census says The share of the U.S. population composed of immigrants dropped slightly in 2008, reversing a 40-year trend that helped fuel the nation's explosive growth and diversity...The dip is more pronounced in areas that have taken a big economic hit in the recession, such as Los Angeles and Riverside in California and Phoenix.

Buying land fulfills a dream for many Hispanic immigrants Once they have achieved economic success in Texas, many Latino entrepreneurs and professionals crave land, buying it and then relaxing on it or working it. Regardless of whether they hail from Mexico, Panama or other parts of Latin America, owning their own ranch is a part of their Hispanic heritage, they say.

Joe Wilson Voted to Provide Taxpayer Money for Illegal Immigrants' Healthcare While George W. Bush was president, Representative Joe Wilson, who famously shouted "you lie" as President Obama addressed congress, himself voted to fund health care for undocumented workers, suggesting that Hispanic immigrants have become just the latest convenient pawn in GOP wedge issue politics.

Hispanics watching health care debate closely Latinos like this immigrant from El Salvador have much to gain if the legislation taking shape in Washington passes. Among the major ethnic groups, they are the least likely to have health coverage through work.

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National Council of La Raza Don't be fooled by the lies and distortions of those who despise our Hispanic brothers. The National Council of La Raza is the premiere organization devoted to protecting and fighting for the rights of Latinos in these United States.

Immigration Policy Center An academic think-tank that produces rigorous studies that help to dispel many of the myths surrounding the immigration debate in the U.S.

American Civil Liberties Union Probably no organization has done more to advance the civil rights of all americans than the ACLU.

Southern Poverty Law Center This is the premiere organization tracking terrorist extremist groups operating within U.S. borders.

Brisenia wasn't just a Latina, she was also a child. Throughout the world, children are often among the most common victims of violence, war and hunger. See how you can help.

UNICEF The United Nations Children's fund is one of the princpal worldwide non-governmental organizations concerned with advancing the well being of children, regardless of their nationality.

International Campaign to Ban Landmines Children are among the most frequent victims of land mines, often falling prey to their indicriminate horror years and even decades after the conflict that spawned them has ended.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Helps reunite missing children and runaways with their families.

DREAM act portal The DREAM act is a proposed piece of legislation that would provide a path to permanent residency and citizenship to undocumented children who graduate highschool and complete two years of national service. In many cases these are kids who have lived almost all their lives in the United States.

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